Apple is possibly testing new firmwares

According to, Apple is probably testing firmware 3.1.3 and 4.0. If this is actually newsworthy, I´m not sure, because I guess new firmwares is being tested all the time.

People are getting impatient about the next firmware for the iPhone, and we´re all suckers for new firmware, right? And always hoping the fw´s will be jailbroken in no time? Yes, sirre´!

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Concept iTablet looking quite good!

The french site posted a video of what the Apple iTablet aka MacTablet could look like. This is most probably a fake, as we all know how secretive Apple is about forthcoming products. It´s looks good though!

At present time, I´m looking for an e-book-reader, but after fast scanning of the market, I don´t find anything satisfying enough. Guess I have to lower my expectations or just rub myself in with Lotion of Patience.

Some say the iTablet will be presented some time in January, some say March – I don´t think I´ll hold my breath until we´ll get something solid from Apple itself. Have a look below:

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Hello world – Apple Delight is alive!

Welcome to Apple Delight – a blog about technology, hardware, software and most and foremost Apple-products, but also everything I find noteworthy for this blog. I will use many websites to collect the information I find interesting, and will of course give credit to the respective sites as best I can.

For information, this blog will mostly concern iPhone and use it as a reference for other iDevices.

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